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Herd Genetic Makeup

Our cow herd, for the most part, are home raised with a few select purchases. We tend to stick with the older proven genetics, in our opinion, they are more stable. A high percentage of our cow herd goes back to Ankonian Dynamo. Over the years we have used bulls such as RRR Burke, Dynamo 700, Dynamite 561, Patriot 5020, Imperial 806B and Red GRL Sir HBO 1B which all turned out to be super herd improving sires. In recent years we have used LPC Emperor 42H, Red Rod Cub 765H, Red L-4 New Dynamo 338J, Rambler 1000, Red Crowfoot Ole's Oscar 2042M, Red CR Riser 30T, Red Ringstead Windup 5W and Flying K Nebula 179X with similar results.

We feel that it is important to have livestock that have good performance without sacrificing birth weight, conformation, fertility and maternal traits.

2020 Elite Dams

Red Rod Iribeau 352S - 1356162
Red Rod Iris’s Bette 385T - 1411618
Red Rod Oscar’s Cubette 395T - 1411619
Red Rod Raspberry 2101Z - 1670719
Red Rod Sal 2145Z - 1670750
Red Rod Soda 2152Z - 1670756

Red Rod Sal 389A - 1723302
Red Rod Lady 455A - 1723340
Red Rod Tammy 471A - 1723347
Red Rod Yanke 491A - 1723366
Red Rod Goldette 500A - 1723368
Red Rod Soda 654B - 1782034

2020 Premiere Dam

Red Rod Irisbeau 352S -1356162


2020 Elite Sires


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